Bästa versionen av mig slår Skoglund

Igår hade Callum Smith (22-0, 17 KO’s) och Erik Skoglund (26-0, 12 KO’s) chansen att se varandra träna när parterna hade öppen träning inför media inför deras möte i World Boxing Super Series nu på lördag.

Smith som var där med sina boxarbröder Paul, Stephen och Liam såg när Skoglund tränade med sin far, Johan.

”I’ve had a good camp,” sa Smith efter sin träning. ”I feel strong and I’m ready to do a job on Saturday. I’ve watched a lot of Erik and so has my coach Joe Gallagher. We know what he does well and we know what he doesn’t do so well. I’ve got a list of things to do, and as long as I stick to my game plan, I think the best version of me beats the best version of him.”

Smith var den som valde Skoglund som sin motståndare under en live-gala i Monte Carlo i juli, och nu med bara några få dagar kvar till mötet är Smith fortfarande nöjd med sitt val.

”I’ve got no regrets. I didn’t pick Erik because he was a bad fighter. I picked him because I thought stylistically he would bring out the best in me, and I stick by that. I think on Saturday you will see a very good performance from myself.

”It’s always nice to fight at home. Some of best performances have been at the Echo Arena. I always seem to rise to the occasion and deliver for the fans. I know I’m up against a tough fight but every time I’ve been up against it before, I’ve always come out on top and put in the best performance of my career so far, and I think this weekend will be no different.”